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Plasma pen professional laser plasma pen plasma pen face lift jett plasma pen price plasma pen korea for Skin Tag Remover Mole Removal

Discharge is a conductive connection between the tip of the device and the patient's skin. The distance between the tip and the skin is 4 mm. In the treatment area, air containing free electrons at the discharge point absorbs a large amount of energy, causing air to penetrate, stop acting as an insulator and start guiding current (electric shock). Air ionizes and becomes plasma.
Main Features
Product Details
Main Features
The plasma pen adopts a new generation of high-efficiency power conversion materials and chip control technology. Through high-frequency plasma discharge at low temperatures, the heat in the body carbonizes the bad spots on the skin and makes them disappear permanently.
The sequence of spark discharges produced by DC: the heat generated by spark discharges makes the skin hot. Compared with the discharges formed by AC discharges, the mechanism of DC discharges has a great influence on the small parts of the skin and is ve
Skin cleaning
Lead in
Face Lift & Neck Lift
Acne – Active spots And Scarring
Removal Stretch marks, Correction Scars
Smoker Lines & Wrinkle Removal
Removal Moles (Flat or raised), Age Spots, Benign Skin, Keloids (Fat Deposits near eyelids)
Post surgery scars, pigmentation and sun spot
Eyelid reconstruction (Non-surgical blepharoplasty) including resolving baggy lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin
Tip1:remove spot,scar,wrinkle etc
Tip2:remove wrinkle, used for eyelid relaxation, remove stretch marks etc
Tip3:skin lifting tip for lifting procesures,improve collagen elasticity, smooth skin
Tip4:permeating tip used to supplementary for cosmetic absorption
Tip5:fractional tip used to supplementary for cosmetic absorption
Tip6:build V face, improve double chin problem
Product Details
The end of the pen has display and adjustment options (switch, energy, time)
Working head
1pcs handle and 6pcs tips for handle use, different tip different function
Facial lifting firmness, freckle removal, wrinkle removal.
Concentrate on face contours, especially to improve double chin problems
can increase the absorption of the product by 40 times, activate the cells and improve the dullness of the skin.
It can increase the absorption of 120 in the skin, greatly improve the elasticity of collagen, and concentrate the texture.
A flash spot removes surface spots, scars, wrinkles, etc.
Energy reference:
Lifting and tightening: 1-3 files
Spot: 3-5 steps When operating in low energy, operate 1 time - 3 times. . (No more than 2 seconds per stay)
For high-energy operation, operate 1 time - 2 times. See that the epidermis is whitish;
Cannot be operated multiple times to delay the repair process.
Wrinkles: 1-2 files divided into small areas When you see the skin whitening during operation;
Cannot be operated multiple times to delay the repair process.
Product name  Plasma machine
Input voltage 110-220V
Output power 10-60W
Output frequency About 15Hz-150Hz  
Weight About 6 KG
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