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салон красоты портативная прессотерапия для лимфодренажа

1,24 воздушных камеры с 4 различными режимами массажа на выбор
2. пальто и брюки могут работать один или два человека
3. машина с массажером для глаз для массажа и расслабления
4,4 языка; Португальский, испанский, русский и английский
5,8-дюймовый цветной сенсорный экран
Main Features
Product Details
Main Features
Pressotherapy is a relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system, designed to help win the battle against cellulite and body aging. It markedly helps to treat cellulite and body forming. Operation at pressures from 20 to 360mmHg, and offers a wide range of different massage cycles.
1. Body contouring and skin rejuvenation.
2. Lymphatic massage and drainage
3. Relax the whole body, reduce cellulite, Skin elasticity improvement
4. Lead in medicine, stimulate skin and enhance absorption and rein
16 independent air cells in the pants (the cells partly cover one each other)
8 independent air cells in the jacket (the cells partly cover one each other)
The air cells are made of elastic material for the perfect adjustment to the massaged body part
Can operate up to 3 air cells independently at the same time (inflate and deflate at the same moment)
Variability of massages – up to 4 different massage programs
Complete lymphatic drainage – from feet to arms
Eyes Massage:
Providing massage therapy to help eliminate stress and relieve tired eyes and metal fatigue, to improve eyes health
Product Details
Pressotherapy has 4 models, you can do the treatment with all modes (one by one ), or, you can choose which one you think is best for you.
Model ①:Pretherapy
In this mode, the airbag will work from Feet to Back. We advise the treatment time about 15 minutes;
Model ②:
In this mode, the airbag will work from Back to Feet. We advise the treatment time about 15 minutes;
Model ③:Pressotherapy+Wave
In this mode, the airbag will work from Feet to Back to Feet, They are the circle... We advise the treatment time about 15 minutes;
Model ④:Wave
24 airbags will inflate 12s and then release 8s at the same time, inflation and release, repeat the cycle
Output Voltage AC110V±10%/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 110W
Air Pressure 20~360 mmHg
Display 8 inch color touch Screen
Max.treatment time 60 minutes
Programs (Pre+Waver/Pre+Ballance /Waver/Ballance)
Color White
Main function Lymph Drainage,slimming
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